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Thread: Help Iphone Is Frozen When I Go To Apps

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    Default Help Iphone Is Frozen When I Go To Apps
    So, earlier today I installed KATE before reading the forums etc...I should have. I also aparently have DOCK as well because it came witht he phone. I bought this phone from a t-mobile store already unlocked so I don't know what they used to unlock it. All I know the firmware i currently have is 1.1.4.

    Now here's the repeating problem, when I go to my ANY of my apps I can't even do anything in them. I've been reading the forum for 10 hours now trying to find a solution. I had removed KATE by holding it letting it wiggle and deleting it and it finally worked and went to installer to get rid of the it was ok I proceeded to install summerboard to get some themes and then all hell broke loose again...not only that but I noticed in my settings KATE was still there at the bottom!
    1. I can't do SSH or WINSCP or w/e because I don't know my Iphone's IP NOR can I get to it because when I go to settings nothing works....
    2. I can't either IBrickrs to work with my phone because one is for 1.0.2 and I can't find the firmware for that and the other is the new 1.1.3 on with softupgrade but I can't use that either because it tells me to need to jailbreak, but I already have installer on my iphone of course I can't go to installer either because when I click on it nothing works in there...
    3. I've tried re-booting all day forced or hard etc all kinds nothing worked.

    I think I have tried all the methods either that or I'm just missing something. I just want a way where I can manually get into my iphone via the computer and delete the dock and kate application for good! HELP

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    If your having that many issues with it you should probably just restore it. However, if you're not sure what method of unlocking the phone your seller used, you might end up bricking it... I doubt it though, seeing as most--if not all--of the unlock methods suited for 1.1.4 are safe, and there's like a 99% chance the guy used ZiPhone or a similar method. (I won't flatter myself and say he used iD3 )

    I would restore via iTunes to 1.1.4 and then jailbreak + unlock it again.

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    I would have restored to 1.1.4 and THEN used iLiberty/iPlus.....

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