Hey everyone, this is my first post and hope not to be the last...

Im a Mac user (just in case if you post PC solutions)

the thing is, yesterday I bought to a "friend" (actually is someone i know) an 1.1.4 iphone.

The phone was jailbroken, activated, unlocked, you name it, BUT installer wasnt installed :P (weird stuff)

any way, when i got home, the first thing i tried is to connect to my home wifi connection. I was able to enter the wifi configuration panel where i chose my connection and when I got connected it returned to my home screen and after that my wifi was greyed out as you all might know.

the weird thing is that today i woke up hoping to find the same problem, BUT my phone was showing the Wifi options, i was able to connect to my home connection, the mac address appeared in "about" section, etc...BUT i could not search websites, or connect anywhere, cos once i got connected to my network and returned to desktop my wifi was "unconfigured" again BUT NOT GREYED OUT...

after several times, my wifi is GREYED OUT AGAIN...

pd: one detail, i dont think it matters, but my iphone is WITHOUT CHIP cos tomorrow or the day after Im gonna buy one for this phone.

pd2: sorry for my english

thanks a lot!