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Thread: Guide Request Please Read

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    Hey guys I was wondering if someone would help me out with a perfect guide on how to downgrade/virginize/restore my baseband, whatever the correct term is.

    I had an unlocked 1.1.1, upgraded to 1.1.2 so now i have the 4_02 something modem firmware and im unlocked with 1.0.2 with anysim 1.2.1u because it is the only firmware that i seem to be able to jailbreak with ease.

    I would like to just go back to an unlocked 1.1.1 phone, that seemed to work the best for me.

    Ive tried with the old OSX virginize guide to restore and unlock 1.1.1 and it didnt work, Im just really frustrated on trying to put bits and pieces of info together from diff. posts and really would just like a step by step process to get my 1.1.2 modem firmware phone with 1.02 back down to 1.1.1 firmware unlocked. IF anyone can point me in the right direction or make a quick guide for me it would be greatly appreciated

    I dont need extreme detail or screen shots, ive done this many times, just the new modem firmware for 1.1.2 is tricky for me and I seem to always have trouble with it. so a non detailed guide would work great (excet for terminal commands, those are tricky for me too )

    Again ANY HELP is appreciated. Help me any way you can guys, thanks a ton.
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    Here's one that works for me, start at the process 1.1.2 without OktoPrep, this will take your fw and bb to 1.0.2. Then you can upgrade to 1.1.1

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    Oh alright thanks a bunch! Ive gotten bits and pieces from this guide as well, but didnt know where to start its sort of confusing! but i will start with the 1.1.2 without oktoprep part and see what happens!
    All the commands typed into putty or winscp should be the same in terminal on my Mac, right? same commands just differnt program?
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    yes, but is your phone on 1.1.2 fw if not, upgrade it to there then start at where I told you.

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    okay so i start with restored 1.1.2 got it. I dont have AT&T, im unlocked with tmobile, so when it says activate with itunes i can use normal programs/methods to activate right?
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    Now you have the correct baseband, you need to restore to 1.1.1 and run oktoprep

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