Ok still learning and any help would be greatly appreciated

I have jailbroken the phone.. i believe..
I have Firmware 1.0.2 along with the install icon on the dash.
i have installed BSD, and SSH.. I HAVENT downgraded the baseband to 3.x thru idemocracy.

here is my question/issue
do i have to stay at 1.0.2? can i upgrade, if so how without losing my apps.

what i have done is downgrade the baseband then using itunes upgrade the firmware to 1.1.2. however after doing to i had to use ibrick to boot the phone and always get the green screen, thus having to restore with itunes..

Am i missing something? Can someone help please
how can i upgrade the firmware to 1.1.1 or even 1.1.2 but keep my apps/jailbroken phone as is

Thanks all