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Thread: Easiest jailbreak/unlock

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    Default Easiest jailbreak/unlock
    Hey all. Not very computer literate but I do ok. Little help please? Jailbreak vs. Unlock. Whats the difference? I have a v1.1.4 iPhone and I wanna customize it like I see everyone else doing. (Monkey c monkey do) I wanna get different icons and stuff. Im running Windows Vista Home Basic as my OS. Where do I start? I dowloaded iLiberty and attempted to jailbreak my girlfriends iPhone first (guinea pig, lol) but dont know if it werked. It looks like everything went ok. I tried downloading a theme but dont know how to actually put it on the phone. Where do I go next?

    Thanks in advance...

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    I see...Well let's start with Jailbreak. Jailbreaking is "opening" the iphones software to allow us to put things onto the iphone (apps, themes, etc).

    Unlocking, can only be done once the iphone is jailbroken and unlocking enables the iphone to be able to be used on any network. (instead of AT&T in America or O2 in UK)

    Now, you say it looks like it has worked. Does that mean you are at the home screen with ipod, safari, etc?
    If so, and you have jailbroken, there should be an app called Cydia (or installer, i am not sure as to which iLiberty installs, i used ziPhone.)

    Now hook up the iphone to the internet and go into Cydia/Installer and install BSDsubsystems.

    Then also install Summerboard (AKA SMBPrefs) and Customise Then go to your homescreen. Go into one of the 2 new icons and both have the ability to change themes.

    P.S. Customise you can download themes straght on your phone from the app. But for Summerboard you must download the themes from Installer/Cydia.

    Hope this helps
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    Thanks for the reply. Ive got the cydia app on my home screen. Wen I first went into it, it asked to update all these different things. It got a little confusing. Ive gotten this far. Lets jus see wat happens. Ill keep u posted. As far as Summerboard and Customise; where do I get those from?

    Ok. Foun out wat Summerboard and Customise are. DUH!! But what if I want a theme thats not on there? What if I find it somewhere else? How do i get it on my phone?
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    Ah, I see...Well if you see a theme you like on your computer and it is not in cydia or customise then you will have to download the files and put them in the files by SSH-ing into your iphone

    A guide on how to SSH
    [ame=]YouTube - How to SSH into your iPot/iPhone!![/ame]

    and here to put themes on
    [ame=]YouTube - How to Put Themes onto Your 1.1.4 Iphone using WinScp[/ame]

    Good luck!
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