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Thread: iphone baseband again

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    Default iphone baseband again
    Ok my story so far.

    bought an iphone 1.0.2 (i think) after 3 months of having this iphone i got message.
    Saying iphone cannot make and receive calls. I restored in itunes and got an error
    messgae 1011 (now know to be baseband) no sound no wifi no imei no icci

    I used ziphone to do it all and got stuck at ierasing part

    Used ieraser got~ waiting for data i had all the files in /usr/bin/ian ieraser secpack the baseband files .eep and .fls

    Used winpwn to for costom firmware. use the bootneuter option got stuck on Determing current settings

    Sping -v
    Spamming AT, waiting for a response
    baseband is unresponsive to ping

    bbupdater -v
    baseband is unresponsive to ping

    bbupdater -e ICE04.04.01_G.eep -f ICE04.04.01_G.fls
    Resetting target..
    Attempt 1
    ProcessOutlineUpdated:Process time was 10.0 sec.
    Retry attempt 2
    ProcessOutlineUpdated:Process time was 10.0 sec
    retry attempt 3 etc etc.
    Error: Baseband bootloader is too old; update to 1.8 or later and try again

    use winpwn to costom firmware again install a couple of apps this time itunes completed with no errors booted the iphone up to still see that error message

    Then used bbreloader~it said baseband was flashed ok and the phone would restart. i did............. still same problem though.

    I also use a program that checked your baseband (cant remember what this was called)

    it gave me the iphone firmware
    model number
    serial number
    on baseband it said present but didnt give me 04.04.01
    Further down it said unknown forall the rest like eeprom... bluetooth ...wifi

    so my iphone has been likethis nowfor about 6 months so any ideas on what i can do now

    Many thanks


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    Default I'm in the same boat
    I'm in the same boat. How can we write the IME and ICCI back. I stored my information for security purposes.

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    sounds like your sh!ts F'ed, lol

    ok, i had an IMEI problem. download the 1.1.4 firmware file from here on MMi. Use the (Control + Restore) in itunes to select it. Then run the NEWEST ZiPhone. Start there and then let me know what happens. You might have to back track ALLLLLL the way back to 1.0.2 and virginize and then start from there go to 1.1.1 then to 1.1.4. LMK Goodluck.
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    MMI? Where is that repository? I can see the app, but as I have no wifi etc I cannot get it on my phone.

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    >Just search "1.1.4 firmware iPhone download" on Google.

    >In winpwn when you make a new firmware, make sure the option "update baseband" is selected.

    >Pwn your phone again

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    winpwn doesn't recognize the phone in recovery mode now.

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    Wow, don't use ziphone. Completely virginize your iphone using this guide here How To: Fully Wipe Your iPhone - ModMyI - Wiki.
    When thats all said and done download the 1.1.4 firmware. Put your phone in DFU mode (hold home and lock down for about 8-10 second then let go of lock and hold home until itunes pops your phone up. Hold shift hit restore, find the 1.1.4 firmware. When you restore your firmware download iliberty+. Select jailbreak and cydia installer, unlock if you want. Pretty much Ziphone damages your phones baseband and bootloader and also can change the imei, which is no good.

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