Ok I am a noob so I appreciate any advice.

First: Is the warranty voided when you jailbreak your iphone? If so, what does voiding incur? Does that mean that I cannot upload to newer firmwares in the future? Does that mean that if my battery dies or goes dead that I cannot send it back to apple and I am SOL? so the moral to that would be dont let your phone die. Can I restore my warranty at a later time or once it has been jailbroken, am I done?

Second: Does iDemocracy have to do with jailbreaking? how? OTB, my phone was v1.1.1 so I did the upgrade last week to v1.1.2. Which jailbreaking guide would be the best for me? I have read through the forums and it gets confusing with all the guides and info.

Thanks for any help! Sorry for so many questions.