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Thread: I have no idea what is going on and need help

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    Question I have no idea what is going on and need help
    Sooo...I have an iPhone (originally version 1.1.1. but got it downgraded to 1.0.2 and unlocked) and I have been hearing about all these new upgrades/jailbreaks/3rd party apps/etc that allow for the full use/experience of the iPhone...I don't know too much about computers and hacking and all that stuff so I was wondering if someone could help me out a bit by giving me some suggestions with what I could/should do with my phone...are there easier ways to mod the iPhone for us not so computer/technology savvy users? (i.e. point, click and save) the last thing I want to do is mess up my phone and end up with an expensive paper weight...thanks

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    It's pretty much impossible to end up with a paperweight if you have a US model iPhone.

    First you need to update to 1.1.1, just go there first. Don't go to 1.1.2 yet.

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    thanks for the tip...but I don't know much about computers so is there a program i can download to get back/re-virginize to v1.1.1...or a link that i can go to that will teach me how to do it...
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