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Thread: NewB Help!!.

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    Default NewB Help!!.
    I got my iPhone around mid September and back then I unlocked my phone to 1.0.2... and have stayed there since... totally bypassing the 1.1.1 update altogether. It's work fantastic for me so far but I'm becoming more and more curious about what little extras I might be missing out by upgrading to 1.1.1 or even the new 1.1.2. But I've been off this forum for so long and so much has happened I feel overwhelmed with all the info, so I'm a newb again and need some direction!!

    Heres my situation:

    I'm still running an unlocked iPhone in the 1.0.2 version, I did it myself thru this site a few months back using programs like apptapp, Cyberduck 2.8, and independence and want to know the simplest way to upgrade to 1.1.1 or 1.1.2

    if someone could even direct me to the proper links... so I can follow some guides that would be greatly appreciated. I just feel a little overwhelmed with the amount of different threads there are about this and I find myself running around in circle trying to figure out what to do!!
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    I just want to clarify, what you think "Unlock" means? Did you make it so you can sue any carrier, or make it so that you don't have to activate you phone.

    You you made it so that you can use any carrier, I'd suggest getting OneSIM, running it so that your phone will be back to normal. Update to 1.1.1, then get OktoPrep, and run that. Then update to 1.1.2. Once you do that, you're phone should still be in jail, persay. Then download the package below and READ THE READ ME.

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    yeesh... I think i might be more of a newb than I thought... I did make it so that i can use any carrier I want because I'm in Canada under the rogers network.

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    If you have installer, I'd suggest getting OneSIM BEFORE you do anything else in my procedure.

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    ok will do... I'm taking a look at it as I type

    sorry to clarify is OneSIM on Installer?
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    It should be, yes. If you don't see it, add the new MMi source.

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    ok so now i can't figure out how to add sources.. lol sorry

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    Go into Installer and click Sources on the far right, then click Edit at the top right. You should now see a new icon saying Add at the top left. Then you just enter that url I gave you and it should be done.

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    Bah... I'm such a idiot sometimes... lol

    but now if added the new source but I still don't see OneSIM in my installer

    could it be anySIM?
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    It's OneSIM. Add to your sources.

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    here mate just add the source and install the baseband downgrader that is relevenat to your baseban if you are still on 1.0.2 then it will be the 3.08 one this will automatically verginize your phone. unlock your phone with anysim1.2u then upgrade to 1.1.1 jailbreak via and install oktoprep via the on your springboard then upgrade to 1.1.2 jailbreak yourphone again by installing this and jailbreaking your 1.1.2 phone thats it.

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    ok so i'm pretty confident I've downgraded the baseband... my phone sits at the 03.14.08_G firmware

    and I believe my next step is to upgrade to 1.1.1... but where can I do it? I remember in the past i could have a choice of which version to upgrade thru Itunes... but I'm not sure!!

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    Hold Shift when you click Restore once your iPhone is in recovery mode.

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    I tried that and it still brought me to the 1.1.2 option to restore to

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    You apple users have to press either the Apple sign, or something. I don't use OSX.

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    ok it's alt but I need to have the file downloaded separately

    ok so I got thru pretty much everything... up to jailbreaking 1.1.2... I went to unlock it with anySIM... but it froze on me... so I pressed and held power and home button to restart it... now i'm stuck at the apple screen and it won't load into the phone... I'm a little worried!! Has anyone experienced this?
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    You shouldn't have listened to that one all. Just re-do the process but update to 1.1.1

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    but I can't even get into the phone at this point... it's stuck at the apple symbol loading screen... the little loading icon comes up after awhile... spins for a bit but then freezes over... then it keeps restarting itself

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    Hold the Home button, restart and insert the apple cord.

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    unfortunatly no dice... it keeps getting stuck at that screen... when I plug it in... it pops up in my iTunes... it's gives me the information about the phone... but I get nothing... my only thought is maybe I can just do a straight restore on iTunes

    ok... I have a feeling I'm in some serious doo doo... after everything I've done I think i'm stuck on 1.1.2 lock... running iTunes 7.5 on a mac... I've been at this for several hours now and I can't find a comprehensive guide to downgrade my phone back to a workable platform... either 1.1.1 or 1.0.2

    So right now I sit at 1.1.2... and 04.02.12_G Firmware, I'm able to check this by using the *#307#... so I'm able to play with it that way still... I have the restore files for 1.1.1 and 1.0.2.

    can someone help me with this???
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