Hi guys,

I do have following problem:

Upgraded, jailbroken and unlocked 1.1.2 iphone

everything is working - I can get in the internet through edge, I do get sms messages and I can write sms messages

The only thing which is not working is my phone.app.

I can dial a number and press call but everytime I do it, iphone says "Call Failed
and Call Ended" then I loose signal strength for 2-3 seconds then signal comes
back (the signal thing happens when I'm receiving a call too --> but phone is not

I tried already setting the time and date automatic to off
and sending the caller id to on and off as advised in another thread, nothing has helped so far.

Please guys, is there someone out there with the same problem who already solved it.

BTW I'm from Austria and using A1 as carrier

many many many thanks in advance for your help