So I updated my working 1.1.1 T-Mobilefied iPhone the other day and have spent many an hour trying to get it back to good. For some reason could not get my 1.0.2 restore to stick after several trips up and down the upgrade ladder.

I got my new iMac in today and thought I'd give it a go with an Intel machine. Well i didn't get far before Independency 1.2.5 gave out on me, so for giggles I went back to my ppc machine and low and behold Independency worked for me. Worked in that I was at least able to jailbreak and activate. Then something weird happened, T-Mobile popped up in the bar. I hadn't installed anySIM or anything like that in the past 30 or so restores.

So currently I am running 1.0.2 (1C28) with Modem Firmware 04.02.13_G . I am able to connect to Edge (need to write the plist file to fix in the info still) able to make and receive calls using my T-Mo sim. Still need to fix youTube, no iTunes store, but neither are make or break deals especially from the iPod touch status where it was. I even had to charge up my BB pearl to use while the radio was out, imagine my shame.

In my ladder restore travels I had been able to jailbreak and activate under 1.1.1, but could never get any T-Mobile response. I thought for sure I had to get to 1.0.2, downgrade the modem fw and then work my way back up to 1.1.1. But now that I am here, and got rid of the 300MB size issue, I think I'll stay for awhile.

So basically there is hope for those who've bricked. I even got my iPhone to cycle into and out of what looked to be a never ending kernel panic with it starting displaying white text on a black background an rebooting itself until finally forcing it to shut down and just sit for awhile.