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Thread: going to 1.1.1

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    Default going to 1.1.1
    Hey guys, I'm still at 1.0.2 and I think its FINALLY time to go to 1.1.1. I have searched the threads and am really really nervous about updating it because I don't want to brick my phone! After searching I found a lot of searches to go to 1.1.2 but not 1.1.1. Should I just skip 1.1.1 and go to 1.1.2?? Please help me!! Also, what are the step by step methods of installing the firmware. Thanks!!

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    use this guide:
    i guess you can start from phase 3 if you are on 1.0.2
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    Oh wow! This method looks really complicated. Is there any easier way around it or is this the only method? Thanks!

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    I'm on 1.0.2 too and I would like to go on 1.1.2 via 1.1.1
    I suggest you "The Virginize (03.x)"
    Just go on Installer, then install it founding it in unlocking tool

    Now I've a simply question.

    After "Auto Virginizing" Have I restore 1.0.2 firmware TOO by iTunes or Can I simply Install 1.1.1 always by the restore mode of iTunes ?

    Please Help me !

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    this is the easiest

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    Im using a 1.0.2 unlocked iphone & jailbreaked also.

    I just want to know SAFEST GUIDE for upgrading to 1.1.1 version from 1.0.2 version.

    Do i need to virginize? i already read all the post & guide but im worried that i may brick my iphone which is equivalent to my half of my salary here in the middle east :-)

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    my iphone 1.1.2 OTB version with 4.06 bootloader version, i downgraded to 1.0.2 and upgraded to 1.1.1 for jailbreak. now i have a expensive ipod due to anySIM unable to unlock my phone yet!. my question is:
    do i need upgrade back to 1.1.2 version? why?

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