I hope i'm in the right forum. Here we go:
- Upgraded to Customize 2.0.0beta10.
- Tinkered with it a bit and discovered i can modify SMB with it. Cool.
- Decided to become a smartass and deleted my SMB Prefs app, thinking itís useless already since Customize can do it all. Wrong move.
- Now my iPhone is stuck in the Apple logo..
- Tried to DFU and used ZiPhone but it didnít do the trick.
- I was thinking of reinstalling SMB Prefs but i donít know how, since i canít access my phone.

Here's my specs, you might find it useful:
- iPhone is OTB 1.0.2, now running on firmware 1.1.1.
- MacBook with OS X Tiger but can use Windows Vista (if you suggest me to).
- iTunes 7.6.2 (9)

Hope you can shed some light on this one. Thanks in advance!