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Thread: An interesting scenario without any solution - Why you should never jailbreak

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    Default An interesting scenario without any solution - Why you should never jailbreak
    Hi All,

    I have been caught up with an interesting scenario and as far as i feel there is no way out without hurting my pockets. Here is what happened.

    I am traveling in US for business purpose and thought of buying an iphone to use it in my home country. I ordered an iphone in the month of may and got it after 10 days.(arnd 15 days back ), As i dont intend to use it with ATnT, I didnt activate it and I jailbroke it with ziphone 3.0. I didnt insert and other US carrier sim, as I wanted to use it in my country. I was using my iphone only as ipod and web browsing using wifi. All was well until..

    One day suddenly my iphone started to emit a different kind of noise while playing mp3's. It was as if the voice of the singer was broken specially at higher volumes. I changed the mp3, opened a youtube video, but with everything, I got the same issue. Seemed like the there was some problem with the speaker. I promptly called apple tech support and they told me to try couple of things and nothing worked. They told me to take the phone to apple store, and in all probability they will replace it. I was happy hearing this. But....

    To make sure that I come under apple warranty I began to virginize my phone. I installed bootneuture and flashed the bootloader back to 4.6 and using itunes restored my phone back to 1.1.4, and My phone was back to the factory condition.

    Now is the interesting part, The phone has come to the screen where it is when you first start the phone. " Slide for emergency calls".

    Now If I take it to apple store, how do I explain the problem ? If I tell them that the speaker doesnt work properly while playing mp3, then they will get to know that I have already unlocked the phone. If I dont tell them that then I wont get a replacement. Its a no-win situation.

    The other option is to go ahead and activate with att, and then load mp3 and then show the problem with the phone and get a replacement. But ATT will charge me 170 dollars to cancel my contract which is just too costly. Even this is no-win situation.

    Is there any other "intelligent" situation which anyone can come up with so that I get to replace my iphone and costs me very less ?

    Conclusion is that, If you jaibreak your phone, there is little you can do to get your warranty back. This before you take the "jailbreak" path, because its one-way. You cant come back.

    As they say,
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    I believe that there is a clause where you can cancel your contract with at&t within the first 14 or 30 days. I'm sure it's somewhere in their website. Look into that.

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    ur phone must of become corrupted and the legal ACTIVATION has canceled making ur phone inoperable. lol
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    This is the dark side of unlocking, AT&T / Apple has let this be known since day one.

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    second that statement, if you sign up with ATT you are able to cancel your account within the first 30 days. this is for the one reason that for example at your house there could be a dead spot, or at work, they cant prove it and they are not going to come to your house to check on it. either way, all you have to say is, well at my house I have zero signal and then while driving to work I constantly loose/drop calls I am not happy with the service and therefore would like to cancel the contract with ATT!

    works guaranteed!!!

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    Try borrowing an AT&T sim card from a friend with an iphone data plan, activate, add mp3s then go back to the apple store

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