I recently update and restore my iPhone to firmwire 1.1.2..... then try to downgrade to 1.0.2 using ibrickr....when ibrickr told me to hits Shift & restore search for the file ips(someting file).I did and I told me to restore it again....my iphone went to reboot (apple logo) and start to show tons of numbers and letters...then it will turn off...then it will do the samething over and over, again and again...i turn off ibrickr...and turn it back on, it would not read the iphone. it says..
"Can't find iPhone"
"No iPhone connected.Please connect your iPhone."
i turn off ibrickr and went to itunes, and it would not read the iphone either....
I unplug the iphone and try to turn it off and would not turn off...
It just keep showing all the # and letters or files!!!!!!!
Don't know what to do?
Please answer/help would be greatly appriciated!!!!!