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Thread: * SOLUTION * - Yellow Triangle of Death Restart Loop

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    Default * SOLUTION * - Yellow Triangle of Death Restart Loop
    After countless hours last night of refusing to accept that I had turned my phone into a very expensive paper weight, I unbricked my phone after anysim 1.2 delivered the kiss of death to it, and thought I'd share with those of you who were unfortunate enough to be on the same plate as me.

    1. Install iTunes 7.3.1.
    2. Restore the phone (option-click on a mac, shift-click on windows) to 1.0.2. For some reason iTunes 7.3.1 will not hang at any point in the restore process like all the other versions.
    3. Open up iDemocracy2, and under the "long method" click on AppTapp. When asked, choose 1.0.2 (default is on 1.0.0, make sure to choose 1.0.2).
    4. I activated using PACAY, as it seemed to be the only thing that would work on a non ATT sim card at the time.
    5. Use non-ATT tools in iDemocracy2 to restore your bootloaded to 3.x.
    6. Open up iTunes and shift-click or option-click on Update, and choose 1.1.1 restore firmware.
    7. Jailbreak and activate using
    8. Install Anysim 1.1 using Installer, and voila!

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    Please, post link for download this version of itunes and iDemocracy2... This works in Windows?
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    iTunes 7.3.1:

    i'm gonna try this in a little while and see if it can save my phone too

    EDIT: tried this using iTunes 7.3.1 and Firmware 1.0.2 and it extracts the firmware but then gets an error (1)
    so then just to see what'd happen, i pointed the restore to 1.1.1 and it worked!!
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