Hello everyone, you may want to sit down for this story.

I was running an unlocked (by iUnlock) 1.0.2 on mr. iPhone and felt a whim of change. So I virginized, upgraded and reunlocked the little guy with directions from this website: http://iphone.unlock.no/. Step by step, no problem. Everything ran well, and then I received messages about the "iPhone can't make or receive calls, go to apple.com/support."

I thought, "Silly iPhone" and restarted it. When I turned it on, there was NO WiFi, NO Phone Signal and NO Bluetooth. So then, like an idiot, I restored the software on the iPhone with 1.1.1. Then it was just bricked.

I have alternated between 1.1.1 and 1.0.2 and have landed a [frusting] yellow triangle on my iPhone's screen.

I believe it is running 1.1.1's baseband and under 1.0.2 software.

I have attempted to use iphuc to get the iPhone to restart but on the first command I type I receive a Bus Error and then I quit. Attempts have been made with AppTapp, but then iphonecomm quits and then AppTapp has to be quit.

I'm at a loss, ready to pull the trigger. Any advice? I have scoured the web with no results. Any assistance to my stupidity would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone,