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Thread: Need Help Installing Apps Pleaaase..

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    Default Need Help Installing Apps Pleaaase..
    Im NEW to this so please be patient.

    Ok i have an Unlocked iPhone version 1.0.2

    I tried to add the from NullRiver from the site below:

    How To: Install Apps on Your iPhone Easily, No Hacking Skills Required

    The problem is the Installer icon is on my iPhone now but it Freezes everytime i open it. I have to shut down my iPhone and restart to get out of that.

    I also just installed ibrickr to my PC Laptop (Windows Vista)
    that seems to work but when i go to add apps it says:

    iphoneinterface.exe has stopped working
    "A problem caused the program to stop working correctly."

    It says this every time i try to download an app!

    To be honest id rather use the that allows me to download apps with the Wi-Fi but i cant get that to work either! And to add more insult to injury the Installer app is stuck on my iphone now and like i said if i click it it freezes the iphone.

    Can someone PLEASE help!

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    i had the same issue.

    you need to restore the 1.0.2 firmware

    then reinstall apps..

    i had the SAMEEEEEEEEEEEEE issue.... very same this was the only thing that made it work

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    If i restore the 1.0.2 firmware will i lose anything that i have on my iPhone already?

    also do you have a link where i can reinstall the 1.0.2?

    also will it effect my unlocked iphone?

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    u can unlock the phone with ziphone on any firmware ive notice that

    yes you will lose your stuff unless it "restores your profile" after you upgrade

    i dunno how i did it but everytime i fw upgraded or downgraded

    once it fw finishes i got this option to restore my iphone settings

    and when i do all my photos numbers sms come back only music doesnt sync

    i dunno how i got that to work tho

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    Wait i have to unlock my iphone again?
    Im a bit nervous about that being i purchased it already unlocked. So i dont know how to do that to be honest...i feel like something is telling me to leave it alone before i end up iPhone-less

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    in the past 2 days if you read my thread.... just look for it

    i've installed the firmware like atleast 10 times.... and like atleast 25 times its failed and gave me a 1603 error...

    ziphone is a program that will unlock it for u with just a click of a button

    5 days ago i didnt know anything with my phone....

    but after running into 534603 problems i found out its a good procedure to do it with ziphone or iliberty

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    Would this be compatiable with 1.1.4?

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    I finally got 2 lousey apps on my iphone.
    1 NES emulator (That sucks because there is NO sound on any of the games and the screens are jumbled or wont even work on some)
    LIGHTS OUT the only thing that works.

    I had to use iBrickr and it only would load if i uploaded PXL files, and the only ones i found were PXLs on Google (pxl - Google Code)


    That old installer is still stuck on my iPhone and im nervous about messing with it any further.

    I know this is alot to ask but can someone please give me a step by step (including sites links) on how to i guess, reset my 1.0.2ver and keep my iphone unlocked so i can try to re-download the on my iphone

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