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Thread: HELP please! perfectly working unlocked&jailbreaked 1.1.4 turned silent

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    Default HELP please! perfectly working unlocked&jailbreaked 1.1.4 turned silent
    firstly I apologize since I guess a lot of people asked about this problem but non of the replys could really help me since I have NO clue at all,I got my iPhone as a present from my uncle in February still with 1.1.1, already unlocked & jailbreaked and when I recently visited him it got updated to 1.1.4 (4A102) again unlocked&jailbreaked and it worked perfectly.

    Sadly the person who did it had the bright idea to sync it with his PC to put my music and contacts back on it.. which means when I connected it with my Mac at home I couldn't deleta or add any music/videos on it unless I "synced" it with my mac (well not actually synch it since I manage my music etc on there manually but I have no idea how to better say that sorry) and since then it's SILENT. I can't reply to calls, cant watch videos, can't hear music and also can't watch any youtube videos.

    I have no idea what software was used to unlock etc it, the only hint I have is that when I turn it on the apple is a ugly pineapple instead..

    I'm asking here because I can't get in contact with the person who orginally did it, if anyone can help me how I can fix this I'm really grateful!!!

    EDIT: it doesn't really matter but it's a AT&T one and currently compleatly in German (since I'm German..) so if possible I'd like to keep it that way..
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    With that much trouble I would restore 1.1.3 or 1.1.4 clean and start over. Re-Jailbreak afterward using ZiPhone or the new pwnage options. A fresh install should fix your problems.

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    Right a complete Restore may be the answer. But try this. In iTunes go to STORE at the top. And Authoize the Computer. I mean your Mac. Your buddy Authorised the iPhone on the PC. iTunes does not allow for Songs to be transfered from one computer to another or device. So, re-ahorize and it may work for you. If not, try to update or re-instal iTunes.

    I think you have to go off Managed Music to TICKED items and SYNC. Syncing will activate your iPhone to your computer and correct errors.


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    Thank you very much for the reply!

    maybe I didn't explain it clearly enough..
    my iPhone turned silent after I authorized my iMac again, I have no problems putting music on it, and when it's still connected to my iMac I can listen to the songs etc on it via iTunes without problem... just when it's disconnected it won't make any sound whatsoever, so I can't make calls etc.

    I'll probably try to restore, unlock&jailbreak it myself then it can't get any worse after all
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