This is my first post here having just "upgraded" to an iphone from my ipod touch..

I was heavily into modding that - very nice machine..

I have two questions to ask you experts..

I am in the Uk with legal O2 contract iphone...

I am familiar with how to go about jailbreaking the ipone..

1/. If i do, I have read that visual voicemail is broken afterwards (even for o2 contract users staying legit)??? I have read about hacks to restore a shortcut to voicemail instead.. Anyone know why visual voicemail itself gets brocken and is there not a way yet to restore it (for O2 contract customers that is).. Or does it always work as visual voice mail (02 contract) and just voicemail for others? Thanks.

2/. How safe is jailbreaking the 1.1.2 phones - I mean I am a contract O2 user so not interested in sim freeing the phone or anything - just want to run 3rd party apps on it - is this dangerous - I have heard about bricked iphones... are the phones getting bricked all simfree hacked ones??

Thanks. Great forum guys!