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Thread: yes, i already searched.... help: phone won't respond or turn on

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    Default yes, i already searched.... help: phone won't respond or turn on
    bought the phone new as 1.1.3, jailbroke it, option restored it to 1.1.4, jailbroke it, and had no problems once i was ziphone jailbroken to 1.1.4 for a solid 2 or 3 months

    then one day i went to the beach with the phone. it was in my shoe hidden from the water, sand, and any other damaging elements the whole time... i get in my car to drive home, and the phone's screen starts flickering. kinda looking like static on an old tv. i plug it in to my car charger and drive home scratching my head

    get home, and it works 100% fine. makes calls, let's me play the beloved FiveDice game, everything works. 10 minutes later, the screen goes fuzzy again, and then i get the "need to plug into itunes" screen and nothing else. plug it in and it says "Phone cannot make or receive calls, needs to be serviced by Apple"

    Unfortunately, I was leaving for family vacation to Mexico that night, so I had to just leave the phone on the counter for a week. Got home last night, charged it over night, and it does not respond to anything. Tried holding down all sorts of key combination on the phone. iTunes or ziphone won't recognize it...

    any ideas? i know how annoying these noob-ish threads are, I'm a regular member on a skimboarding message board. I've searched and done tried to do my homework, can anyone help out?


    went to the apple store and they claimed water damage, and pointed out a little bit of corrosion on the pins in the dock connector part. this voids my warranty. i NEVER dropped it in water. sure it's been in my pants pocket, when my pants have been sweaty, but never completely immersed, and they said it had to have been

    any thoughts? it is working normally now, but will occasionally just flash static and then reset itself, and then start working again
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    Let iTunes detect the iPhone, hold the top black button (sleep button) AND the home button together... let it reboot the iPhone... AS SOON AS the iPhone shows the apple logo, LET GO OFF THE SLEEP BUTTON but keep HOLDING the middle black HOME button... make sure you DO NOT let go off this button... then iTunes should detect it and say its in Recovery Mode... you need to restore it.. then hit that restore button and let it restore to 1.1.4 automatically / or manually choose the Firmware File from your pc / mac by hitting ALT & Click on restore button for MAC or SHIFT & Click for WINDOWS...

    Remember to never let go of that HOME button... if you get 1015 error.. open Ziphone and Reboot in Normal mode... if the screen turns to BLUE then in iTunes perform another restore to 1.1.4 and you should be good

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    i have tried everything you said Jazz2k8 already

    thanks for trying to help though

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    I would try taking it for replacment at a different Apple Store. Or Call Apple to get a return authorization by mail. By mail they will just replace it.

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