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Thread: [HOW-TO]: Jailbreak an Out of the Box 1.1.2 Firmware iPhone (AKA euro iPhone)

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    managed to get my iphone working with payg o2 sim as well as the wifes!

    Thanks again.

    EDIT: they are both OTB 1.1.2 iphones.
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    Following several different guides, I was finally able to get the o2 SIM to work, but by using a slightly different lockdownd file with permission set to 644

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Talking Yet another happy costumer
    Just to say I've got my UK iphone working with a O2 pay as you go sim card, many thanks.

    I haven't tried the voice mail trick yet, as I'm glad I'm able to get the bloody thing working for the purpose it was built for.

    I'm also looking for a mac version of putty to do the voice mail hack, otherwise it was all carried on my Macs.
    (I say macs as I have one with an older version of itunes)

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    I just cant get a o2 sim PayAsYouGO card to work? I been reading it and trying again again but nothing new is happening. Any help please?

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    Dude - Use terminal SSH is built into it...

    ssh [email protected]_address_of_iphone

    I can't get the visual voice mail working yet. I did try both methods neither worked. Has anyone got it working?

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    can any body confirm that edge/gprs is working on an O2 pay as you go sim card on a 1.1.2 out the box? thanks

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    empaulio, I can tell you that I've tried to use EDGE but I get a message saying I haven't subscribed to it. This could be true, as bought the O2 sim card from Woolies for a fiver and have just activated it.

    Saying that I use WIFI more than EDGE so I may never find out whether it works or not.

    I can say everything else works fine.

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    I have a Pay Monthly O2 Sim, and yesterday EDGE/GPRS was working fine. Now it says "Can't Activate Edge" and then doesn't work at all. There is no Rectangle or E icon in the menu bar.

    Also, I can't find the Edge settings area any more. It seems as though my sim doesn't allow you to change these settings. What should I do? I am paying £7.50 for unlimited data and it doesn't work!

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    Slightly off the topic but this is too good not to mention for o2 PAYG sim / iphone users.

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    Hi there!

    Thanks for this great HOWTO! I still have a question, since I couldn't find any hint about that in any reply.
    You state "THIS NOW WORKS WITH ANY O2/AT&T/BASE PROVIDER SIM!! You can use any O2 sim with this method".

    I'll get in some days a US iPhone 1.1.2 OTB (I guess, since it's week 45). I have a german O2 contract. Do you think I'll be able to use my O2 SIM with the patched lockdown?

    Thanks people, keep up the great work!

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    I'm afraid not, you'd need an AT&T sim for that to work. I think t-mobile operates in germany, so if you bought an iPhone from there you should be able to use any t-mobile sim with this tutorial.

    Sorry I havn't been able to reply to some of the questions here, I've been far away from a computer. In fact, I'm typing this post on my iPhone.

    A quick question to all uk users on o2: has anybody managed to get the cloud working?

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    Thanks for the reply dilinator. I'm still wondering one thing. With my O2 contract/SIM, I can use the german T-Mobile network for free, so if I would have a german iPhone, I might be able to use my SIM?
    If yes, here comes the next question: the simlock is in the baseband, right? Then would it be possible to change the BB of my US iPhone to the BB of the german one?

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    You need a german t-mobile sim to work with a german iPhone. In exactly the same way as I'm iPhones need an o2 sim. I'll answer the other question on my proper computer when I get home
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    Hi, first i want to say thanx for guide, and secondly i have a little problem i have updated to 1.1.2 firmware and done the jailbreak, as advised in the next step i have filezilla and winscp and on both of them if wont connectto my i iphone, im running windows vista and have enabled both programs on the firewall , how can i get this workings....

    i keep getting network error: connection timed out

    Thanx in advance for ur help
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    Just want to say that I decided to jump in and give this method a go (nothing to lose.. well, perhaps my iPhone .. but it was in its box doing nothing after one week!) .. and although worried if I could pull it off ( windows user !) it went swimmingly fine. Works great - so many thanks guys!

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    Where do i get the MobileDevice from, and where do i put it? I am on Mac OS X. I found one on here but its a .dll file. As far as i know Mac's don't use dll. So where do i find what i need for mac. I am stuck on kicking the phone from DUF mode.

    If any one can help me with this step that would be awesome. This is the only step i am stuck on, and i don't want to wait for a month until new jailbreak method for 1.1.2 will be up. I have gotten use to my moded phone, and i can't go back to stuck.
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    is 1.1.2 only for EUROPE ?

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    So this guide will jailbreak and allow people w/ 1.1.2 OTB iPhones to make calls using US AT&T and UK O2 SIMS?


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    So, help us on how to get the phone from recovery with Independence and latest version of iTunes?

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