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Thread: Very confused?? 1.1.2

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    Question Very confused?? 1.1.2
    I bought a brand new iPhone on Friday UK version so that would be 1.1.2 FW. I haven't yet activated it because i want to sim unlock it when there one is out? As of now I'm really confused the new jailbreak that is out.
    I haven't seen any one said this WORKS on the new UK 1.1.2 iPhone or even been talked about. The only thing i have seen is if you upgrade from 1.1.1 to 1.1.2 you can jailbreak 1.1.2. So what about brand new out of the box hasn't been activated to o2 can this be jailbroken?
    Also whats this about downgrading from 1.1.2 to 1.1.1 and then running jailbreak and simunlock?

    I got a useless iPhone at the moment that is just sitting in the dock looking sexy lol

    Thank you


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    Whatever you do don't try to use Anysim 1.2.1, it is only for the iphones with the older bootloader, if you do it will lead to corrupting your baseband, i've tried to downgrade a UK phone to 1.1.1 then 1.0.2 with iTunes and iBricker and i could make phone calls on on the 1.0.2 with no further modifications (i'm an O2 customer).. if you tried to upgrade to 1.1.1 it will disable the phone feature, then you can use okprep to jailbreak the phone .. still the activation won't work and you have to do this by using a moded lockdown file... i didn't have the chance to check if the phone will work, at 1.1.2 cause i did a mistake and used the anySIM and now i've a bricked phone..

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    oh ok. As you say you are a o2 customer does that mean you activated the iphone in itunes? Then downgraded from 1.1.2?

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    Why would he do that?

    He means he has a contract that is anything else BUT the iPhone contract.

    in 1.0.2 all o2 contracts will work. However, any firmware greater than that will NOT.

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    Ok thats brilliant. So far all the guide i have looked at about downgrading from 1.1.2 to 1.1.1 you need to activate the phone before hand. So what guide should i be looking at?

    Thank you

    Not being funny here but this post has been view x amount of times and now one can answer my question!

    So can one answer this? Because all these guides i looked at the iphone needs to be activated in itunes

    ANYONE? Starting to get pissed off now.
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    iPhone? More like MyPhone RC_OZ's Avatar
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    Just lookin. sorry.

    No O2 here just AT&T with 1.1.1 still.
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