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Thread: My iPhone keeps restarting!

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    Default My iPhone keeps restarting!
    And I can't do anything about it! All it does is go to the home screen, freeze, load something and then refreshes the home screen.

    All I can do is restart it (home+power).

    My iTunes can't recognize it because it freezes all the time and iTunes doesn't have a chance to see it!


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    i have the same damn problem ... please help, i cant do the restore or nothing!!!!!

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    me too, i added some sources and then it started doing the same thing

    that was scary, somehow i got it to restore without bricking it and all is good, no extra sources for me, i think it was the hightymes one
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    Default Freezee
    I just install an application from the main install > ringtone > I don't remember what exactly is but the 4th one. Then It restart to home screen and then when I slide to unlock the phone it just stucked right there ? Is it a kind of virus ?? someone help pls

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    hightymes did the same for me... XMB (psp) theme... oh, thanks for that one!!
    Returned it to the apple store and got a replacement!

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    i have got the same problame here.
    i tried to install that ctu24 ringtones.

    my phone now keeps restarting.

    how can i restore it?

    itunes can't detect, independence can't detect...

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    I have the same exact problem! It also happened after installing rogue sources. Did anyone resolve this issue? If so how did you do it? Please help me!!!!

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    restore that's pretty much the only thing you can do

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    finally i solve this one.
    but of course i lost everything from my phone...
    you have to restart your iphone with pushing sleep and home button.
    don't release the buttons, wait 10 sec after second apple logo, and release only the sleep button.
    you're iphone will start in restore mode.
    so you can restore with itunes.
    alt+click on restore button and choose fw, don't upgrade from net (1.12).
    so i have got now an unlocked 1.02 again...

    and of course I can't update to 1.11

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    I had the same problem. I think it actually relates to keyboard mods installable, but not compatible with 1.1.1. I ended up upgrading to 1.1.2 since I couldn't find the 1.1.1 firmware on my Mac.

    Bummer, but I'm glad to at least have my iPhone back. That was SCARY!!!

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    Same here, just happand to me, now im forced to restore and go through the whole modding process again...wtfffff
    isnt there a way to fix this other than restoring...???

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    The only reason I'm kinda sitting at the border about jailbreaking is due to the conflicts in applications installed. You really can't tell what is causing it. Hopefully February will bring some Apple released applications
    You can find Sciphone in the Links section...

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    Im having this same problem - but I cant even restore it - the iphone just keeps going off and then itunes throws me an error saying unable to restore - what do I do - any help will be appreciated

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