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    Let me just start of by saving I hate this stupid IPhone. Everything about this phone pisses me off. I can't receive MM messages, no voice dialing, No G3 and the list goes on and on. Why did I even buy this thing who knows, probably feel into the hype like most of you.

    Anyway, I figured I would come back jailbreak my IPhone so I can get some decent usage out of it because how its comes out of the box is a joke. I have an original bought during release. I upgraded to 1.1.4 then tried to run Zphone and nothing happened. My phone stalled. I reset it trying to get Itunes to recognize it so I can restore and restart the process over problem is its stuck at the reboot screen that has the white apple logo and it won't go past it.

    I will admit I'm extremely frustrated right now so if someone could please help me out it would be greatly appreciated. I'm a complete noob so when you speak please do it with detail and explain things step by step. For some reason I follow the steps in the guides and still run into problems.
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    Connect iPhone to computer.

    Hold power and home button. Keep holding even when it restarts and the apple logo comes on. ONLY let go when you see the connect to iTunes.


    Now go download iLiberty+ from to jailbreak.

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    ^^ Thank you for taking the time to respond. I finally got the thing to work last night so now my phone is running Liberty and Cydia. Problem is I don't know what to do next where and how can I get all the crazy apps that I've seen others with ? I believe there was this file that a ton of apps and game that I could install at my control I remember using it before when I had to jailbreak my phone with 1.1.2. And what does Cydia do ?
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    its like another installer
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    Quote Originally Posted by cscho0415 View Post
    its like another installer
    Could someone please point in the right direction in regards to getting great apps on my phone, ( a link)

    A buddy of mine who has this phone was able to jailbreak and download crap to his phone using a wifi connect what did he have ?

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    You download all the "crazy apps" from the phone itself. Open the Cydia program and browse through the HUNDREDS of apps and start downloading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon79 View Post
    You download all the "crazy apps" from the phone itself. Open the Cydia program and browse through the HUNDREDS of apps and start downloading.
    Ok cool. Any suggestion on what I should check out ? The list is really long I'm looking

    1. Cool Themes preferable a Buffalo Bills one. I've download a theme but don't know how to apply it
    2. Someway to add custom ringtones
    3. Great games.
    4 Useful Apps
    5 anything else really neat to show off.

    PS I would love to load up WildEyes for Safari problem is its keeps saying package broken
    "The following packages have unmet dependencies:"

    Is it normal that every time I go to load a package when I click on more info the IPhone goes back to the home screen ?
    Any solutions ?
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    Hello Hi
    please help me i am a new user of iphone.
    there was a Application MIM , i downloaded it and i wanted to install but i cant able to install it in iphone.
    1. i connected it with PC.
    2. i turned on WIFI.
    3. i entered into the iphone through SCP.
    4. i copied the folder into the iphone applicayion folder .
    5. then i restart my iphone.

    but when i click on the widget MIM it shows the blank (WHITE) image then it comes out.
    I don't know how to fix it please help me out i willl be great full to u.

    Thanking You

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