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Thread: Icons on Home screen won't erase ANYMORE

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    Default Icons on Home screen won't erase ANYMORE
    iPhone 1.1.4 Out of box, jailbroke via ZiPhone+Installer.

    At first I could delete some icons, such as a few programs I didn't want anymore before uninstalling.

    So I went to remove the Stocks icon and the Notes icon, and after holding in down for a few seconds, the X doesn't pop up as it should, the screen still shakes and I can still move the icons around, it just won't erase.

    Now I am pretty new to this thing, so maybe it's not even possible to remove the Stocks/Notes icon without a hack/app?

    Update: I can't erase the SMBPrefs Icon, or the Installer icon either, only move them.
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    You can only erase Web shortcut icons that you created from Safari. Native app icons can't be erased from the home screen, only by uninstalling the app or using Customize to hide the icon.

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    if you get catterpillar, now known as kate it allows you to uninstall the apps you have installed using installer or cydia. HOWever as Rip says you can NOT uninstall original apps that come with the iPhone, nor will it let you uninstall installer or cydia.
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    That's what I had assumed, but not hoped.

    Mainly because I cannot for the life of me get Customize to run.

    I've installed it from the installer many times, restarted my phone many times, tried to open it 30+ times each time, and it just pops up with the chicken and the link below and within 2 seconds it goes back to home screen.

    I read up on it and nowhere could I find a fix other than keep trying, which obviously does not work.

    Pisses me off, I don't want/need Stocks or Notes and want to install rbst which is only available via Customize.

    Any help/tips?

    Nevermind guys, after some more time spent googling and searching on here, I found on here i've gotta install the SUID Lib Fix on Installer.

    Customize works perfect now.
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    is RBST still available?

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    You can only remove WebApps through the "squiggly" way...

    To remove stocks, SSH into your phone, go into your Applications directory, and find stocks....highlight it and press delete.
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