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Thread: [PLZ HELP] Can't launch Mobile Terminal

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    Default [PLZ HELP] Can't launch Mobile Terminal
    I got a bricked iPhone and now I'm trying to recover that,
    the guide requires me to input commands in Mobile Terminal since that brick got no wi-fi, no IMEI, no ICCID.

    i use iBrickr to install Mobile Terminal V110 into that brick, I can see the terminal logo, but whenever i tap it and try to open it. it just show me a black screen and jump back to Terminal again!

    I never success of opening the Terminal, and now I have no idea to recover from this brick

    What can I do with?!?! Please HELP!!!!!

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    Install BSD Subsystem v1.5, only then it Mobile Terminal will work.

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    i did try.

    using iBrickr to install the BSD subsystem 1.5 and the mobile terminal only.

    it doesn't work!!!!

    still stopped at the default.png and jump back!

    i Know i need to chmod that. but how can i do that since i got no wi-fi!!!

    anyone can help me?
    I suck at there for days already.

    can't launch the Terminal... somehow i need to chmod the Terminal first.. but what can i do?
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    How about OpenSSH, you need it too. BSD subsystem and OpenSSH need to be install before you can run Terminal.

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    my brick has no Wi-Fi =.='

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