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Thread: MUST you virginize to unlock 1.1.1?

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    Default MUST you virginize to unlock 1.1.1?
    Forgive my noobishness, but I have a question. I have an iPhone (1.02) unlocked with anySIM. MUST I virginize the phone in order to upgrade to 1.1.1? Can I upgrade and use the NEW anySIM unlock on it then?

    If in case I DO have to virginize my iPhone, is there a GUI yet? Shouldn't there be one by now?

    ~ Thanks in a advance!

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    First of all, to answer your question, yes .. you need to virginize.
    Second of all, please, SEARCH THE BLOODY FORUMS!!! This has been posted a million times.
    Third .. go to, or add them to your installer source in Installer, and go down to unlocking tools, and then click on Virginizer.
    Fourth .. Developers are doing this stuff for free. If they decide they don't want to make a GUI, that's their given right. If there is a gui out or not, I don't know, but I do know that so long as it is possible, and it doesn't require me knowing programming skills, I am thankful to the people that put in the time and effort. Just because some people are too lazy to do work to fix their own phones, doesn't mean everyone else has to go the extra mile to make one click solutions for them.

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