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Thread: iPhone won't boot after installing Kate

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    Default iPhone won't boot after installing Kate
    Hi all, I've just tried installing Kate (as it was one of the highlighted picks on the new Installer 3.1!) and it now my iPhone refuses to boot. It seems to just hang on the white apple logo (which I assume is the booting screen). I am on firmware 1.1.4, but I did not unlock it myself as it was purchased from eBay as a gift for me. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to what I should do?

    If I restore with iTunes, will this restore it fully jailbroken or do I have to do this again myself?

    Thanks in advance for any help offered.

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    Kate (Caterpillar) is a very buggy program and i recommend you don't use it. But You can contact support of the person who makes the app and they can help you. When you restore you lose everything unfourtunaley. My iPhone got killed by Caterpillar and I had to restore it.
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    Hi, cheers for the tip. If I restore does that mean I have to re-jailbreak it? From what I've read it's just a case of restore using iTunes and then run ZiPhone 3.0 (which Ive just downloaded) and everything will be back to normal...? (albeit with all my settings and numbers lost, but I can get them back from outlook).


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    Default same problem
    hi.. i'm having the same problem as well.
    Could u kindly share with me how to restore my phone pls.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mag_yap77 View Post
    hi.. i'm having the same problem as well.
    Could u kindly share with me how to restore my phone pls.

    Plug your iPhone into the computer. Hold the power and home keys together until the screen goes blank. Continue to hold for about 5 seconds, then let up on the power button. Keep holding the home button until iTunes pops up the message that you have an iPhone connected in restore mode.

    Then just let iTunes restore your phone to the latest firmware OR hold the shift key when you click on restore to select a firmware file you've downloaded. After it's done restoring your iPhone use your program of choice (iDemocracy 3, ZiPhone, iLiberty) to do the jailbreak/activate/unlock.

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    Hi, thanks for your info, i managed to restore my iPhone. However i'm unable to open my mail. Any ideas how to deal with it?

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    1. Use, SSH, WinSCP or FUGU etc, even iBrickr
    2. REMOVE “dock” files from usr/local/bin/dock
    3. Reboot phone
    4. The screen then becomes responsive. Goto KATE, untick all the boxes, and press apply.
    5. Uninstall Kate from installer.
    6. Enjoy phone.

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    My post from another thread:
    Well I can put down those theories that Screenshot apps and Dock mess with it, as I don't have eihter of them and after installing Kate, the same problem happened to me. And even if those applications did cause problems with it, then it's still Kate's fault, as a well designed program (especially since this makes you pay), should be coded well enough to work around existing programs to provide compatibility. To make things worse for Kate, Dock and Screenshot apps came out BEFORE THIS!!

    Trying to figure out a way to uninstall this piece of crap app, normally I wouldn't be so hard on a app, but after reading many posts about people saying it's not Kate's fault, its those
    Anyways, I've figured out how to fix this stupid problem. Download this file:

    (You're going to have to register to download it, only place I could find that has it. You can try , but it gave me an error from that.

    Upload that app to /Applications using SSH or WinSCP or w/e, chmod 755 or 777, restart the iphone. Open Killboard once launched, it'll fix your phone temporarily. Use this time to go into Kate and uncheck everything, hit apply. Go back in installer, uninstall Kate. FIXED.

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    Anybody have a link to Kate's developer? I want to complain there. I had to wipe my iPhone clean!

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