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Thread: where do i start

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    Default where do i start
    help ......... i just bought an i phone yesterday .....i have done no activation yet. i am an at&t customer and on a company account. all i want to do is use this device as a normal phone (voice calls,text and so on) i don't care about e-mail and sure don't want to sign up for i tunes ..... plus remember i am on a company account. ..... somebody please guide me ............. thanks ps what is jailbreaking ?

    the display shows a little locked padlock at the top and says activate i phone connect to i tunes. the only thing i can do right now is emergency calls.

    if it is easier to call me and tell me what dumb thing i am missing please do 24/7 @ 317-441-8638 thanks ....... mark

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    Hmm, try connecting to iTunes and activate it?

    You do not need to sign up for iTunes to use iTunes =/ Think u mixed it up with the iTunes music store.

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    My Problem Is I Am Told You Can Not Activate An I Phone On A Company Account ............. And That You Have To Change Your Plan And Sign Up With Apple And Use Their $20 Dollar Data Package ..... The Money Is Not The Real Issue But The Fact That All I Want Is To Use This On The Company Plan And Number That I Already Use ...... Changing My Plan And Number Are Not Options ..... Plus The Phone Looks To Be Locked Until I Do Something With Apple. I Already Tried My Sim Card And Got Nothing ....... Any Ideas ....... I Hate To Be Such A Dumb *** About This But This Is My First Exposure To This Device ......... Help And Thanks !

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    I'm pretty sure you got this a little mixed up. To activate the iphone you must hook your phone up to your computer and activate it through itunes. That process goes straight to at&t.

    By going through Itunes you don't pay anything and you are NOT required to buy anything at all, all you need to do is sign up for an itunes account (sadly it DOES ask for a credit card number which makes some people hesitant, just dont goto the itunes store and you wont be charged a penny).

    After signing up for an account you can activate the iphone by going through a nice little activation tutorial, if keeping your phone number is your only concern there is an option to add the phone to your plan and keep your phone number, or even transfer over your number from another carrier.

    If you've tried that and it still doesn't work I would call and bug at&t about it.

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    Well I Have Not Tried Anything Yet Because At&t Told Me That You Can Not Activate These Phones On A Business Account ...... So I Thought I Would Check In With You Guys .......... I Do Have A Personal Account With Them That My Daughter Uses Could I Activate It On Her Line And Then Just Switch Out The Sim Card And Put In My Business Line's Sim Card ? ....... Ps Thanks For Your Help !!!!

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    I am not too sure if that would work. So at&t said that you cannot add it to a business account? Well what is the sense in that one? I am new here so unfortunately I don't feel comfortable saying "go do this with your phone and it will work". If I were in your situation I would sit tight and wait for someone more experienced then myself to give you a proper answer.

    Until then though I would call AT&T and complain on that one, it's not fair that they tell you things like that after the fact. I would honestly just call and keeping bugging them for a good 20-30 minutes and I bet they will give you something to work with.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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