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Thread: got another phone this time its 1.1.1

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    Default got another phone this time its 1.1.1
    Hi Folks, so i have been scanning this site for the last month since I bought my phone, now I need your help. I just got another phone and need to go through the unlocking process again but this time I need to go from 1.1.1.
    Just wondering if there is a complete walkthrough out there?

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    Hey there

    I am not claiming to be a pro ifone modder or a coder of any sort so please use this at your own risk. The following procedure is what I used to jailbreak, acivate and utube my ifone.

    I have a 1.1.1 OTB as well. When I first bought it, I downgraded it to 1.0.2 used iBrickr etc. then paid for the iphonesimfree unlock. Worked good but now there is a simpler way.

    Go to this site on your computer for instructions on getting to safari on an unactivated phone.

    Once you can get to safari go to this site on your iphone:

    you will have the option to install appsnapp application. Do it.

    Once it is complete, you will have an Activated, Jailbroken, U-tubed iphone running firmware 1.1.1.

    You'll also notice that is already installed. From there you can install anysim 1.1 directly from After this you should be gold. This last part using Anysim 1.1 I didn't use as my phone was already unlocked so do a little more research on step by step for Anysim but I believe it is very easy. Keep in mind there is always a risk. <grin> Have fun!

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    so many ways, i still prefer the long way of independence (maybe because after over 20 phones it is yet to fail...) the walk through is in their help section..ofcourse you have to be using a also works i tried it on one phone, very simple, just make sure when safari quits and nothing happens dont panic, safari quite on me, and after about a minute i got the busy sign, and springboard restarted and it was good to go...

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    thanks. lets hope it works, now that I am at 7.5 on my itunes looks like I need to go through the fun process downgrading.

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    This jailbreakme application seems like a narrow minded idea! there are many countries (the middle east especially) where you have to access the net via the ISPs proxy therefore going onto your iphone and trying to get will be like accessing the site via a computer. Of course it takes quite a while for you to eventually find out you cant use that app if you are behind a proxy, can anyone tell me why they did this and is there a another way to get this application?

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    It's a free service, please don't be mad that they haven't catered to every possible scenario out there.

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    Well Im mad cuz i just spent hours trying to find another way compatible with 1.1.1 cuz everything kept saying you have to downgrade (when i had just upgraded) and you see the instructions should at least tell you that if you're one of those 10-20 or more million ppl whose internet goes through a proxy then you cant use this method. instead i thought i was doing something wrong. it's a nice method but the instructions are a bit misleading when they dont mention that even with an iphone you might not be able to install this. in any case i used carnaval to sort my iphone out

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