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Thread: quick question about ugrading my bl back to 4.6

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    Default quick question about ugrading my bl back to 4.6
    i use iliberty+
    i got my iphone yesterday and unaware used ibrik and it messed up my iphone so i did a restore
    now i noticed last time my bl was still at 3.9 from using iliberty+
    so this time i ran iliberty twice, once w/ the full unlock stuff selected, and the second time w/ jailbreak and only the upgrade from 3.9 to 4.6 ...but it lost my carrier...
    i had to restore again cuz i accidentally restored my iphone back to the backup that was messed up in itunes when asked to set up my iphone.
    so i its restored and unbroken/activated at this point... id like to get this answered soon cuz im anxious to get my iphone back...

    so here is the question:

    should i select the upgrade package this time when i do the whole jailbreak/activate/etc... thing in iliberty+???

    if i do will my iphone have my carrier again and everything be kosher?

    if not, is there any way and how do i get my bl back to 4.6 and still have full function of my iphone?

    errr. questions i guess... but still quick... i hope
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    hmm, sounds pretty messed if i understand correctly...
    try to pwn ur phone and then from the bootneuter app ull get, select 4.6 bootloader and unlock... that should fix it

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    i went ahead and did the iliberty thing cuz i waited for 2 hours w/ no reply and i needed to get started on it since i have ALL my stuff to redo, (i spent 7 hours in itunes yesterday and i only got to N in my library.... i have over 19 thousand songs atm..) i needed to get started on it to finish it tonight before i leave work.

    i didnt select the package to upgrade the BL just the downgrade option on the main screen
    ony other optional iliberty packages i put on was openssh, installer, relocate fonts/ringtones, and bbshow?
    if its gotta stay at the 3.9 i guess it stays there... everything seems to work and thats the important thing. i dunno what the difference between having 3.9 and 4.6 is anywho. and i cant afford to spend 2 days redoing my iphone repeatedly to try to get it right.. thanks anyways...

    OOOo and how can i put roms on my iphone w/out using ibrik? i got the roms and they worked b4 but apparently briking is what screwed up my digitizer last night.

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    Well, pwning your phone would be the best way to get back 4.6 BL.

    What is your operating system? Mac OS X or Win?

    For teh romz use WinSCP on Windows and Cyberduck for Mac.

    Just SSH into your phone and put teh romz there where your emulator says.
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