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Thread: iphone file browser uploaded on 1.1.1

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    Default iphone file browser uploaded on 1.1.1

    Will someone please let me know what application I can use in windows to upload/browse files on my 1.1.1 iphone jailbroken using ? Ibrickr and other apps that used to work on my 1.0.2 dont work anymore. Thanks in advance.
    This is my first post and I just want to thank everyone on this forum for helping me with my iphone. Im running it with no problems on rogers in Canada !

    Cheers !

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    Download BSD Subsystem via installer. After that, download community sources, and then OpenSSH. (All via Installer)

    Then for your computer, download WinSCP. I'm going to assume you have WiFi. Download this file:

    Then you'll need to get the IP address of your phone, and open up WinSCP on your computer. You input the phones IP for name, then username = root, password = alpine.

    The phone directory will be on the right, while your computer on the left (In WinSCP). Go to the top where it says root in the drop down, and select the one that says /(root). Then navigate here: System/Library/Lockdown/ .. and replace the Services.plist with the one linked above. Restart the phone, and Iphonebrowser should work now.

    If you have any trouble, join us in IRC.

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    Thats awesome ! I can get onto wifi at home. Anyway to do this without wifi ???

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    Oops, I meant Nope*** I thought you asked if you need wifi, lol

    OH, and in WinSCP, change the setting from SFTP, to SCP. It's on the same screen as all the username/password jargon, towards the bottom. Don't worry about any errors you receive from WinSCP the first time you log in to your phone. It takes a little while to generate the keys. When the box pops up with three options, talking about warning, security blah blah blah, just click yes. It's basically saying something is connecting to your host computer .. but .. duh .. we initiated it.
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