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Thread: Main Script Executin Failed HELP

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    Default Main Script Executin Failed HELP
    Hey guys ..
    i've recently restored and unlocked my iphone ( v1.1.4 ) and some apps from the installer won't install and i get this message: "Main Script Executin Failed"
    its weird cuz most of the apps i install without any problems just a few like apps those by Dav team and iblackjack .. dunno if this is something in the installer or thier applications .. anybody have ideas ?

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    Have you installed the BSD Subsystem?

    Many of the programs use it for installing ...

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    Try setting your permissions via SSH on installer to 775.

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    how do i do that ?
    and now another problem i've installed some application " refresh faster" and the installer doesnt open at all ... it crashes right after i click on it what is this **** now :S

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    SSH into your iPhone, then run the following:

    chmod 4755 /Applications/
    chown -R root:wheel /Applications/
    chmod -R 777 /var/root
    The "Main script execution failed" error is almost always a permissions error (for me anyways).

    Alternatively, iDemocracy 3 has an Fix (under Modify tab, Extras tab) that does all this for you...

    Also, some apps are simply broken (in my case, I cannot install FiveDice because of this error). I have no explanation for this, just buggy packaging by the developers.
    Get Cydia, it's way better and you don't have these issues

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    k.. i'll do that..just when it opens up so i've said i installed a pacakge "refresh faster "and the installer doesnt open at all crashes after 3 seconds of blank white page ...

    any ideas ?!
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