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Thread: No volume increase in 1.1.1 over 1.0.2??

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    Default No volume increase in 1.1.1 over 1.0.2??
    I went into an apple store with my 1.0.2 firmware Iphone using the alarm ringtone...I also chose that ringtone on the 1.1.1 Iphone in the store..both phones had the volume At 100%..I could not tell any difference whatsoever between the 2.Is there really a noticable difference because I dont see one..
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    same I don't notice any change.

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    i had this file that i upload on my 1.0.2 that made it loud..its even louder than my 1.1.1 right now. im not sure if i can use it..hmmmm i should try it ill let u guys know..

    opps disregard..we cant use same file from 1.0.2.. i juz read this, its a good thing i didnt try hehe

    if i'm not wrong, ReVan has released a solution for low volume issue for iphone FW 1.0.2

    but according to him, it's impossible to apply this method to the new firmware 1.1.1 ..because one of the 3 files has been re-coded by apple

    but i think someone is gonna find out a solution soon ^___^

    thx in advance to those who gonna work it out ^^

    i'm using iphone 1.1.1 ... and have no problems with my unlocked phone so far !!! thx all u guys...incredible
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    I noticed a change after upgrading to FW 1.1.1. My speaker phone is louder. It's not a boom box, but it's better than before. I am guessing that it probably varies by Iphone.

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