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Thread: Is it true after downgrading locked Iphone it has to be reset to avoid fees?

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    Default Is it true after downgrading locked Iphone it has to be reset to avoid fees?
    I've been trying to find a answer for weeks about this. If anyone can give me a definent answer I would be more than greatful.

    So my question is after a locked iphone that has been downgraded to 1.0.2and jailbroken with app tapp, Do you have to reset iphone after the whole downgrading process to avoid fees from free services?(Data use I think) If so, does it matter when you reset it, as long as you reset it. I did reset it, but only after I updated app tapp through the installer app on the phone. The reason i didnt immediately reset it after the process was everytime i would reset iphone after downgrading, the installer app would not open, it would only go to a white screen then back to home screen.I tried and tried multiple times and got the same result. And the time it finally worked was when i updated app tapp on the phone then reset it. So lately since I havent been able to find an answer, I havent been using edge that much, mostly wifi. Because Im afraid I might incure some of these charges, as stated in the wiki guide to downgrading. They dont tell you when the reset has to be done. They just tell you that it should be done.
    So if anyone can give me reliable information, so i can stop worrying about this.

    Thanks for your time


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    I don't think it does charge, never tested, i just reset to be safe.

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    I Appreciate your help. It was restarted, I just need to know if it has to be done at a certain point or if it doesnt matter as long as you restart it.

    Thanks anyway,

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