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Thread: apple replaced old jailbroken phone, how to restore with new phone?

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    Default apple replaced old jailbroken phone, how to restore with new phone?
    So, I had previously jailbroken my phone and was using my old cingular sim. I had the 1.0.2 version firmware (no itunes) Everything was dandy, until i had some problem the other day (irrelevant), and took it in to apple and they replaced it. I thought I would have to re-jail break and all that. Well, it tunrs out, that I put in my old sim and it works without any problems. You tube works too. This new one has the 1.1.1 firmware.

    The only problem now is that I need to sync it up with itunes to restore my old contacts and notes, songs, etc. Well, i had the old itunes, so it told me to download the latest version, which i did. But, now it's not recognizing it as my old phone, it wants me to go through the activation process! What do I need to do? Get the old itunes and try, or will i have to re-jail break and all that? My phone currently works and everything is the same, it's just that it's no synced. Thanks a lot.

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    Get the new iTunes i think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoerrFan View Post
    Get the new iTunes i think.
    i did. when i plug it in, it's giving me activation instructions, as if i am a "new user".

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    I kinda had the same problem, you have to put the lockdown file into libexec folder or something like, My old phone died and wouldn't turn on period so I took it to apple they tried to mess with it and brought out another one and the guy said I'll activate it for you too... and he put the At&t chip that came with my phone in there and it went straight to the main screen with out the whole activation process thing, I got home and did the jailbreak and unlock and put my t-mobile chip in, everything worked great till I tried to connect to itunes to restore my contacts/pictures/music/videos kept getting stuck at activation or unregistered sim (with t-mobile sim) so i did a little diggin around and found out that is updated and if your phone's activated it won't try and do that to it, just jailbreak it... so my phone was activated but not on my computer if that makes much sense...anyway's found this on the unlocking/activation forum and just did this last part with cyberduck/open ssh on my mac, restart phone and the itunes activation problem was gone. Hope that helps.

    "then go back to USR/Libexec and move this lockdown file into Libexec:"

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    just open Safari on your iPhone go to Scroll down, and hit "Install AppSnapp". Safari should disappear, and pop you back to the Home screen. Wait patiently for a minute - don't touch anything til it pops you back to the Slide to Unlock screen you should be taken directly to the home screen! Activation is now bypassed and your Phone will be jail breaked and the installer app. ready to use Thats it

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