Sorry if this seems like spam i couldnt find any good topics on the situation. I attempted to follow the steps as closely as possible involving the usage of the online websites via Safari to unlock and put installer on my phone, after putting everything back on and making it look the way it did prior to the 1.1.1 update. I hooked it up to my computer and tada no sync. Tried reinstalling iTunes and everything wont even pick up on the computer to charge, i can charge it in the Jack just wont work on the computer. If there is some step i missed please feel free to put it out there. What i've done so far:

1. Did the Restore and Jailbreak process twice now, no luck.
2. Reinstalled Itunes.
3. Swapped USB Cables
4. Yelled at my computer.

None of these worked so unless i'm just terrible at searching the posts i can't find a solid answer to what is wrong.

Thanks in advance.