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Thread: Easiest Way To Virginize So Far!

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    does anyone try this pls ?????
    and after i done it and upgrade to 1.1.1 how can i unlock it

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    i tried this one.. everything seems to be fine, till the end, it says it failed to download .FLS: could not verify downloaded image

    can someone help me

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    Quote Originally Posted by drakula911 View Post
    does anyone try this pls ?????
    and after i done it and upgrade to 1.1.1 how can i unlock it
    Follow this link and the instructions there. Easiest thing in the Wolrd!!!
    It'll tell you how to Virginize, Jailbreak, and then Unlock......all in less than half an hour and only connecting to itunes to upgrade to 1.1.1. All you need is wifi and it is truly a piece of cake. I did it last night after weeks of reading and nor daring to try the other methods.

    Quote Originally Posted by proaud View Post
    Same as the link I'll provide below but also instructions to Jailbreak and unlock after virginizing. Thanks to everyone involved in making it so easy.
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    Nice, wish these were around when i virginized mine.

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    good good good i try it and it work
    iam now 1.1.1 activ and unlock

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    Should the script be giving some sort of feedback? I just started it and it's been sitting for 5 min doing nothing.

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    Hi, i am very keen to try this method, but befor hand would love to hear a few more conformations of sucessfull virginising, as i love my iPhone, and really really really dont want to mess things up, just trying to add a couple more features!


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    I got this to work in the end. It appears my 1.0.2 was borked, I reflashed 1.0.2 then used this method to virginize. Worked perfectly first time, took maybe 5-10 min.

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    This works!

    I used the script thing to "virginize" and then updated to 1.1.1 in itunes, and then used to unlock the phone!

    All I need to do now is get Anysim 1.1 to unlock, and then I have an updated phone! Thank you so much! it works YAY!

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    it worked perfectly fine... verginised , upgraded to 1.11 and unlocked 2 iphones

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    I think the mods should stick this. It's confirmed as working, and it's dead easy...much easier than all the other methods floating around here!

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    On the second try of using this method, I was able to virginize my does work and is a lot easier.

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    anyone try this lately? I did, and its like some homestar runner parody thing.....
    what's going on?
    i LOVE apple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wannagotopopeyes View Post
    anyone try this lately? I did, and its like some homestar runner parody thing.....
    what's going on?
    First of all, create a new topic, don't bump an old one. Secondly, the easiest way to virginize is to DFU restore. Here's what you do: first, connect your iPhone in restore mode to your computer. Then hold the home and sleep buttons for EXACTLY 10 seconds. After 10 seconds let go of the sleep button. If the screen turns on, try again. If it doesn't keep holding the home button until iTunes opens and says that it's connected to an iPhone in restore mode. Then restore to any firmware.

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