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Thread: iPhone repair - jailbroken & unlocked - USA Phone in UK?

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    Default iPhone repair - jailbroken & unlocked - USA Phone in UK?
    My girlfriends iPhone (my old one) has started popping up with a message that says 'Repair required - Cannot make or recieve calls' all the time. If I turn it off and on again it works for a while then comes up with the error again.
    I've tried restoring it, but it still happens after a few hours.

    The problem is that this is a launch iPhone and was bought from USA (I'm in the UK). I restored it back to factory settings, but cant activate it as its AT&T. I took it into my local Apple repair agent, who told me that I'd have to take it to The Carphone Warehouse. I'm in Aberdeen and have no local Apple Stores. The repair agent looked it up on the computer and the purchase date is still within warranty and the status is APPLE GLOBAL WARRANTY - which means I should be able to get it repaired anywhere. It says it was purchased in USA though.

    I'm just worried about taking a USA phone to a UK store and asking for a replacement. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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    You could fix that easy by pwning your phone.
    If I could help you with my answer give me a

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    How will pwning it fix it? I assume then that this is a software problem?
    From the error it sounds like a hardware error 'REPAIR REQUIRED'!

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    I believe AotW is correct. That sounds like a baseband issue and you can *probably* fix it yourself. Try restoring to 1.1.4 via iTunes, then try PWNing it via PWNageTool and when building the IPSW file per the guide, select activate and Nueter Baseband in the checklist (you can select to Unlock as well if you want). Neutering the baseband will overwrite it with 3.9 and/or 4.6 baseband and should fix the issue. This will only take a short amount of time to try and if this doesn't work you can alway restore back to factory defaults via iTunes again.

    As far as taking a US iPhone into a UK retail store for repair - I do not believe it will work. It shouldn't be any big deal as we all know the hardware is the same and you can activate a UK iPhone using a valid AT&T SIM and vice versa, regardless - they probably won't take it in the store... I tried to do something similiar with my iPhone for a battery issue (mine was originally purchased in the US, then I moved to the UK so now use it unlocked/activated/jailbroken in the UK). I restored it to factory defaults and virginized it, then I called into 1-800 Apple for both the US and the UK before taking it into the retail store and even got a "case #" but, when I arrived in the store they said they would not accept it. None of the techs would even look it over after they checked the serial # and it came up as purchsed in the US. I was told I would have to mail it into the US repair center. I'm guessing thats exactly what they'll tell you as well.

    Hope the PWNage works and if not, hope they offer you a repair through mail-in at least. Good Luck.

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    I took the phone to the Carphone Warehouse, and they said that I'm better doing it online myself as its quicker than them sending it away for me. The guy told me to go to the Apple website and book it in myself.

    When I got home I tried this - but as soon as I got to typing in the serial number I could only get repairs on headphones, charger, dock etc - as the iPhone had not been activated. As I don't have a valid AT&T sim - theres not much I can do!

    I restored the iPhone to 1.1.4 and then used PWNage to activate/jailbreak/unlock. I then re-set it up with all her programs etc, and left it out for her. She's been using her old phone for the last few days and said that shes not going to bother with the iPhone anymore as she prefers her old Samsung!
    I think I might test it myself for the next week or so, and eBay it if its ok!

    As for my own 16gb UK iPhone - does that mean that I have no warranty on it either because its never been activated? I dont have an O2 sim card - and I certainly dont want to sign up to a 35 a month deal just to enable a warranty.

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