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Thread: Lost Touch sensativity on bottom of screen.

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    Default Lost Touch sensativity on bottom of screen.
    I've got a v 1.1.3 jailbroken iphone and it's been working great for the last 4 months. Just now though, the bottom of my screen, about the size of the text message bar now doesn't work. When typing texts, the space bar doesn't work, and i can't end calls, or do anything requiring the use of this area. Only thing that happend between when it worked and when it didn't was I let some 14 year old kid play with it for a few minutes.
    I have Summerboard and customize installed on there, as well as various other apps. Only 1 theme installed for SMB and never used customize, but i suspect she did something in there.

    Anyone have a clue, had this happen before? I did a quick search for broken spacebar, and had no luck. you think a re-install would work? or am i SOL?

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    I think you can do a 'Reset All Setting' and see if it work. If you can do a restore instead.

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    i have the same problem my top half screen is no sensitive i have nothng instaled ;/ what to do? ned to ger to apple store 4 repair?

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    takr it to apple thell fix it no questions asked happend to me.... the swapped it out in the spot..
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