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Thread: what to do about ifuntastic and 1.1.1?

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    Default what to do about ifuntastic and 1.1.1?
    I downloaded and installed ifuntastic a couple of months ago so I could have ring tones that didn't suck. Then came the 1.1.1 firmware, and we all know what message I got. So I haven't upgraded yet. I thought I could restore, but I get the same message when I try that. Does it really brick phones with ifuntastic? In my wildest nerd fantasies, I'm not nerdy enough to enter a bunch of code for the re-virginizing process. So what now?

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    Phones have only had limited functionality (they aren't bricked if anything still works) if they were unlocked with AnySIM or some other non ISPF unlock. If all you did was jailbreak and install ringtones, you should be fine though the ringtones won't work.

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    Default speak slowly and use small words
    I'm ignorant and confused. I've seen a lot of stuff about ifuntastic bricking phones. Is this only if they've changed SIM cards? I'm also kind of clueless about the nuts and bolts of ifuntastic. I used ifuntastic version 1.0 and have not upgraded. I know it uses jailbreak. but I don't know about AnySIM or some other non ISPF unlock. Actually, I don't even know what those are. Right now, I don't really care about ringtones. I just want to be able to upgrade to 1.1.1 and start out fresh. Please, I'm begging you, help me.

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    You will be fine. It will not brick your phone. Just restore your phone first. Then upgrade. ifuntastic is nice, But I would stay away from it.

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    Just curious - what would you recommend in place of iFuntastic for Macintosh file browsing of the iPhone?

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    Do it yourself with openssh and Fugu

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoerrFan View Post
    Do it yourself with openssh and Fugu

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