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Thread: Oh Poop, iPhone acting retarded...

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    Default Oh Poop, iPhone acting retarded...
    my wife's iPhone started acting really weird today. she brought it to me saying it was "frozen". no biggie i thought, just try to put it in restore mode, throw it on the dock and restore it...(it's got mods on it, but she doesn't want 'em anymore...doesn't want anymore problems...mine is doing just fine) dice.

    when you hold the home/power buttons it simply goes right back to the apple icon and after being hung there for 2-3 minutes it goes right into the front screen with all the icons. i've found if you move really fast you can select a few things before it locks up again (i was able to select "settings", then "general', then "reset" and even got it to where i was about to confirm the reset but then it hung up and i couldn't get it to do anything.

    if you leave it alone, it will just keep resetting. you will see the little round thing that shows it's working, it will hang up...then eventually you'll see the screen black out for a second then it will go right back to the "home page" where the icons are. iTunes won't pick it up, i've even tried updating iTunes. iBrickr won't pick it up. it won't even recognize it's on the dock to charge. it is running firmware 1.0.2. it is a 4 Gb model. she said it started acting up after she DL'd the BlackandBlu 2.0 theme and every now and then when it resets i see the "Spicy Chicken" logo for a split second. here are the mods it has that i can remember...

    been Bricked...
    Five Dice
    Dock Swap
    NES (roughly 10 games on it)
    Send Pics
    Send Songs

    i think that's pretty much all of them. please help me as i'm new to the iPhone thing and i'd hate for her phone to be "totalled" after only having it 2 months...

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    May be this is of no help, but when you first push hold/power it should goes to the "slide to power off" screen first and then keep holding then the iPhone should turn off. But if you keep on holding the two button, yes the apple logo will come back.

    If this is the case, once the iphone turn off, only hold the "home" button, and load the iTunes from your computer. The computer should recognize that you want to restore.

    If this is not the scenario, then let some other expert to help you.

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    well, thanks for the reply, but it won't turn off, lol. it will restart and go right back to the home screen...but only when the two buttons are pressed, it won't ever show the "slide to power off" screen...

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    Just hold the Power and Home buttons for like 30 seconds. The phone will power off and on by itself, but that is normal. Soon enough it would be forced into restore mode. Then just dock it, (or do this while it is docked) and iTunes will recognize a phone in restore mode, and then you should have the option.


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