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Thread: Successfully Jailbroke my iPhone, only 1 problem :)

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    Default Successfully Jailbroke my iPhone, only 1 problem :)
    Hey guys,

    I have successfully jailbroken my phone, and installed a couple of apps through the installer I just have one issue I need help solving.

    All of my contacts and ringtones and information from my phone are gone. I have been using this iPhone since December. i think its ok though, because I had everything backed up in iTunes.

    So my question is when I connect my iPhone to my MacBook Pro iTunes opens up and informs me that I have a connected what looks like to it a new phone. I have the option of setting it up as a new phone or restoring from my back up.

    If I restore from my backup will it still leave my phone jailbroken and in tact with the new apps I have installed? I just want to make sure if I hit restore I will get all my contact back and it wont brick my phone and still keep it jailbroken.

    Taylor Leach

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    Restore from backup......your good to go.

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    So you are positive it wont brick my phone or "un-jailbreak" it?

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    I am more than positive.....I am POSITIVE

    If Itunes wanted to "Restore" the iphone, it would actually tell you it needed restoring.

    Since you jailbroke the phone the program you used also "activated" it, Itunes did Itunes hasnt recognized it as activated yet, thats all.

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    See my phone was already activated through iTunes before I jailbroke it and I unchecked the activate button when I jailbroke it with the PwnageTool.

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    Just do it

    It is ok, I promise.

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