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Thread: Jailbroken 1.1.4 Sluggish Freezing Random Sleeping

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    Default Jailbroken 1.1.4 Sluggish Freezing Random Sleeping
    Hello everyone, hopefully someone can tell me something useful. I have done Google searches and such trying to figure out why my phone keeps acting the way it does. I just recently jailbroke my 8G iPhone using Ziphone It wasn’t previously jailbroken. It was at 1.1.3 firmware. But then upgraded to 1.1.4, and then jailbroke it. Now randomly when I turn it on and I'm browsing through texts, or safari, it will go into sleep mode. Sometimes it completely turns off. Or freezes. Also installer takes forever to boot up, as well as other apps and everything is very sluggish. At first I downloaded the 1.1.4 patch so I could use the customize app. Is anyone else experiencing similar problems? Any suggestions?



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    I had that at the beginning and then my phone started telling me that the partition was full and that i had to delete some applications. so I looked around and after I moved the applications via the Terminal and all was good. might help you speed up your apps. If not you could always start fresh, with the new custome tool all you have to do is add the applications and then just restart that process

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    hey thanks for the reply.....what program did u use to transfer your applications?

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    The sleep problem may occur if you are on anything other than firmware 1.1.2 and have installed Mobile Enhancer. I have created an install for Caterpillar 1.1.1 package without mobile enhcancer if you need it. My repo is:

    I have also the "ripdev" executable, but currently it can not be downloaded via installer, but Caterpillar downloads and installs perfect!

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    hmm....well i havnt installed Mobile on 1.1.4....

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    yea I too am on 1.1.4, and that fix worked for me because as it sounds, your Springboard is somehow corrupted...check out my post below from my blog on how I fixed this, just typed it up right now so it is not a super detailed version but it is much more than I mentioned earlier, and I figured I might as well add it to my blog so,

    My extended solution to fixing a corrupt springboard without data loss.

    If you need more help comment on my blog as I am notified of my comments right to my phone, hope this helps.

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    has anyone else had these problems after installing that 1.1.3 compatibility patch?

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