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Thread: Jailbreaking and iPhone more dangerous than a Touch?

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    Default Jailbreaking and iPhone more dangerous than a Touch?
    Hey all,

    So my friend wants his iPhone jailbroken after seeing all the nice apps on my iPod Touch. I'm sure I could probably do it very easily for him with ZiPhone, but for some reason I feel like there is a greater risk of messing something up on the iPhone than on the iPod Touch. Are me fears unfounded? For some reason I feel like the fact that the iPhone is connected to a network, it would be more easy for them to detect if it is hacked (He doesn't need it unlocked, just jailbroken for apps). Plus I don't want him to have any complications when the 2.0 update comes out in June... what do you guys think? I'm just afraid of bricking the iPhone, I could care less if it just needs to be restored... do you think there is a higher chance of bricking an iPhone vs. an iPod Touch?

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    I personally have an iPod touch, but I've heard that using ZiPhone creates a fake bootloader, thus disallowing future bootloader upgrades, whilst iLiberty+ just tricks the iPhone into thinking that it's 4.6 when in fact it's 3.9. Don't quote me though

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    Will I have some issues in the future if I used ZiPhone for my iPod Touch? I'm not familiar with the boot loader.

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    I personally like ZiPhone better because iLiberty+ didnt install Installer for long as you are only going to jailbreak and not activate or unlock then ZiPhone will not downgrade your bootloader from 4.6 to 3.9(If his iPhone is 1.1.1 OOTB then it already has 3.9) The only reason you need to downgrade the bootloader it because 3.9 has less security and then ZiPhone can easily unlock the baseband...If you are only jailbreaking you cannot brick the phone anything that happens can be fixed with a simple restore...

    Besides with the upcoming release of winpwn you will be able to upgrade your bootloader if need be...

    Hope that helps

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