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Thread: Upgrading Unlocked 1.1.2 to 1.1.4

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    Is there anything I need to take note before upgrading my unlocked iPhone like iLiberty+ version, firmware, etc?

    Sorry for too many questions, I just wanted to get all information before doing the upgrade. I don't want to mess up my iPhone since its working fine on 1.1.2.

    By the way, my colleague had his iPhone jailbroken and unlocked to 1.1.2 then soft update to 1.1.4 using the installer, seems to work fine. Does anyone of you knows how to do it? would it be more accurate if I upgrade my 1.1.2 via iLiberty than doing the soft update?
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    Personally, I'd always prefer to start with a clean restored via iTunes phone and unlock from there. I think most peoples problems come from apps that are installed and using different unlock/jailbreak methods sequentially.

    Stick with what works.

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    Hey Rip and Ronny0207,

    Just wanted to acknowledge you guys for the big help. You actually provided the step by step procedure on how to upgrade from unlocked 1.1.2 to 1.1.4. I did it twice and its still work. So far everything is working well I haven't experience any problem yet.

    Perfect unlocking guide. Cheers !!!


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    I got a new 1.1.2 unlocked iPhone on Friday, have been using it all weekend and loving it...

    I want to upgrade to 1.1.4 and this thread seems to give me all the info I need, but a quick question:

    Is there any chance of 'bricking' the phone while upgrading?

    Sorry for the stupid question, but as a newbie don't wan to mess things up!

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    I have used ziphone to unlock a brand new uk 8gb iPhone and it worked great letting me use my orange sim card. WiFi works fine at home even with my orange livebox which I have read can cause problems.

    The only thing is I chose unlock/activate/jailbreak and I don't have the installer app on my homescreen. iTunes syncs the phone and lists it as 1.1.2.

    How can I jailbreak it so I can install 3rd party apps? Will I be ok upgrading to 1.1.4 and then performing the ziphone 'do everything' again?

    Thanks in advance

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    And why not Pwnage? It works only with phones restored to 1.1.4, if you try to pwn a phone under 1.1.4 it dont do anything. You can download the 1.1.4 upgrade just from iTunes. It gives you the oportunity of donwload and restore or just download the firmware. If you choose just download, iTunes put the .ipsw file inside your iTunes library folder, in a folder called "iPhone Software Updates". You can choose it for restore when you want.

    (sorry for my siouxglish) ;-)

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    I USED THIS METHOD AND SUCCESSFULLY UNLOCKEDAND JAILBROKE my phone..but in itunes i now have 1.82 gb of "other" using up memory???

    is this normal?

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    Hi, I might be going a bit off topic, but I followed Rip's instructions and it's all good except that mi wifi doesn't work, even the icon doen't come up and I can' connect through Safari or installer. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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