Some tips on virginizing your iPhone. I compiled these after reading problems some people are having, more will be added.
1. Make sure you back up your seczone.
2. Install mobile terminal and/or Term VT100 on your iPhone just in case Wi-Fi stops working.
3. Make sure you unload the comm center before doing any of the baseband commands.
4. Know what your doing before you do it, and if you don't understand a step ask BEFORE you start the process.
5. If something does go wrong, post and ask for help before messing around with it to try to fix it.
6. Do not restart your phone during the process.
7. Follow the process to the letter.
8. Your Wi-Fi on your phone may not work, but if you still can connect to it it does work so don't trouble yourself trying to type out commands on the phone if you can connect.