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Thread: Weird 1.1.3 upgrade leaves 4.7gb of 'Other' material on iTunes. Help!!

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    Default Weird 1.1.3 upgrade leaves 4.7gb of 'Other' material on iTunes. Help!!

    I've recently upgraded my jailbroken iPhone to 1.1.3. But now, when I sync my iTunes it says I have 4.7 gb of 'Other' material. 4.7gb was about how much music and vids i had before I upgraded. When upgrading it wiped my iphone (virtually; it left my contacts and a few other small bits) and when i synced it to iTunes yesterday to sync all my stuff back, from the backup iTunes made, it did it fine...but it still thinks I have loads of 'Other' crap. Its taking up loads of my space...what should i do?

    If I restore to factory condition and then sync will this work (or will it just wreck my jailbreak thing)? If I can't do this...please suggest what i should do??

    Please help.


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    check your itunes folder. It happened to me, what happened is all my Itunes stuff got duplicated for some reason..

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    I have deleted all my music and vids from my iPhone....but it still thinks theres 4.7gb of Other ****!! How can I wipe it off without losing my jailbreak?? I'm pretty sure it's just a duplicate of all my previous stuff...but its named it 'Other' for some reason.


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    Relax.. wipe out the content on your iphone by going through settings - general - reset - erase all content.

    Then plug your iphone back in & put back all your music/vids/etc. Samething happened to me & this was the easy fix.

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