i have followed the upgrading guide on modmyi.com and have completed everything except for the last step which is "Unlocking the 1.1.1 iPhone anySIM" part. when they ask me to install anySIM on to my iphone im having problems.

After the part where im supposed to get the message saying "host verification failed" i clicked yes. after that i get another message saying something like "couldnt remove entry from ......please edit file by hand and remove the line containing your iphone's ip address". and because of that i could not get anySIM or installer installed on my iphone. please somebody give me some advice and pointers where i may have gone wrong. the link for the part of the guide im stuck in is http://modmyi.com/wiki/index.php/Unlocking_the_1.1.1_iPhone_anySIM.

all help would be greatly appreciated thanks